We Are Organic farmfood

A Little Story About Us

Food has the energy and power to bring people together. And for SusamCI, that food is Tahini – Originating from Sesame Seeds. SusamCI drives by its name, which means the ones who are completely indulged in giving the best out of Sesame. You’ll find the taste and versatility in every jar of SusamCI to draw your family and friends to the table. Literally!! The ingredients of SusamCI will make a delicious difference in your life.

SusamCI stands out from all other Tahini brands, as it follows a unique methodology and craft in its blend. We deliver 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free pressed from the natural stones and smooth to the bottom of the jar, NEVER has the oil on top with the taste and flavor you will never forget.

SusamCI ensures organic farming. The unique process of SusamCI includes:

  • Sourcing raw materials, sesame seeds, from the most reputable growing region in the world
  • Soaking Sesame Seeds in pure filtered water for at least 3 to 4 hours
  • Wash the seeds by water and salt.
  • Dry and slow roast them well enough
  • Grinding the Sesame with pure natural stone process
  • Complies with the strict quality standards
  • Refining sesame into a delicious, shelf stable, ready-to-use range